Promoting your shop

New Store Launch

We launch all-new Stores with some fanfare. 

Typically within the first month of your launch, provided your shop is in good shape*, you will be promoted as follows: 

  • Your store will be featured in the Features Vendor section of the Homepage for at least 1 month.
  • At least some of your products, if not all, will be featured in the popular section of the Homepage for at least 1 month and the New Items page for at least 1 month.
  • At least one of your products will be featured on the's Homepage for 1 Month or more, subject to the quality of your product photography.
  • Your products will all be given a boost in the rankings of the category pages where they are included.  Obviously, as your products are new their ranking would naturally be at the back so we give them a boost to gain exposure and then allow their ranking to be driven from that point on by their success.
  • We will include your brand and products in our paid marketing feeds.

Ads Promoting

Ads Promoting gives you the option to pay to feature on some high-traffic pages of; My Island Hub's Homepage,  the category's for Apparel, Beauty & Personal, Electronics, and Digital Products pages. It is a highly effective way to give your shop visibility on these popular pages. The cost of the promotion will be added to your monthly invoice.

Banner Type:Duration:Cost:Size:
Homepage - Header1 Month$252048 px By 600px
Homepage-Footer1 Month$252048 px By 600px
Category-Apparel1 Month$102048 px By 600px
Category-Beauty & Personal1 Month$102048 px By 600px
Category-Electronics1 Month$102048 px By 600px
Category-Digital Products 1 Month$102048 px By 600px

Once you confirm your promotion you are unable to change or cancel it and each spot gets you 1 Month in the rotating item list at the page that you have chosen to promote on. Promotions start at midnight.

Marketing Promotions and Campaigns

Throughout the year we run various multi-channel marketing Promotions, and or campaigns:New Year Sale,Summer, Back to School ,Black Friday,Cyber Monday and more- these activities can include products of a category, seasonality, and also the key gifting occasions.  

How can you get involved?

We automatically consider all sellers/vendors with relevant products to be included in these campaigns where we can. Apart from these key periods, you can of course run your own promotion, and or campaigns at anytime using the Marketing Tab your Seller Portal.  If you follow the steps provided here, your promotions, and or campaigns will then automatically be reflected on your shop.